Hardcopy Registrations by Mail

The Registration office must receive:

1) One (1) unbound loose-leaf copy of material on standard paper, 8 1/2" x 11".
2) Cover sheet with title of material and all writers' full legal names.
3) Social security number (or other government-issued ID), return address, email address, and phone numbers of authors.
4) Registration fee(s): WGAW and WGAE members in good standing - $10, non-members - $20.

We are no longer able to facilitate in-person registration services. For walk-in submissions there is a drop box located in the WGAW lobby with title pages and envelopes. Hard copy material will ONLY be accepted onsite via the drop box. No exceptions will be made.

Download a convenient title page to use when registering hardcopy material.

When the material is received, it is sealed in an envelope and the date and time are recorded. A numbered certificate is returned which serves as the official documentation of registration. Because the certificate is your proof of registration, it should be kept in a safe place.

Notice of registration may consist of the following wording on the title page:


Material and payment may be delivered or mailed to:

7000 W. Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Visit our FAQ page or contact the WGAW Registry at (323) 782-4500 for additional information.

9 AM to 6 PM
Monday through Friday